Racine & Me: Gym protects kids with anti-Covid technology

Racine & Me: Gym protects kids with anti-Covid technology

RACINE, Wis (CBS 58) - An inclusive park in Racine is protecting children with new anti-COVID technology. 

This technology called CASPR is currently at We Rock the Spectrum. 

It's an inclusive kids gym located in Racine County. 

This will keep kids healthy and its a big part of the reason why they use the facility. 

For owners, keeping children healthy and safe is a key concern. 

Elizabeth Bennett at We Rock the Spectrum partnered up with Dakota Safety, a distributor of the CASPR systems. They remove up to 99.96% of air and surface borne pathogens from their gyms by continuously sanitizing air and surfaces. Bennett can discuss how important it was to create a safe space to play and learn for her families-- many of whom have medically fragile members. 

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