Racine & Me: Ra-Sing & Me, Meet Rachelle Koshen

Racine & Me: Ra-Sing & Me, Meet Rachelle Koshen

RACINE, Wis (CBS 58) -- Each week on Racine & Me we like to celebrate the talents of local musicians in the county. 

This week, we met with Rachelle Koshen about her start in music. 

Koshen says her love of music began when she was a child while playing the spoons in Grandpa's polka band at age eight. She loved being on stage and soon after picked up her sister's guitar and quickly picked up those skills. 

Koshen went to UWM learned to play bluegrass. She Wrote her first song, “Sunshine on a Sunday,” on the porch of her flat on N. Weil and Locust St. in Milwaukee. Koshen bought her first guitar a Guild Madeira for $40 at a garage sale. She started playing open mics at the bar on the corner on Tuesday nights and at the café at UWM. 

Koshen is part of a band called 'Rocky Rose'. They are registered under BMI with the publishing company, 3 Mile Radius.

"Because the three original member, Myself, Steve and Gordy all live within a 3 mile radius. We have about 150 songs, some of which are on the Fresh Fruit album, which is for sale. Rocky Rose recorded 4 singles, which you can find on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon Music: Mountain, Lucky, So Over You and Whistling in the Dark. Our website is rockyrose.org. You can friend us on Facebook at Rocky Rose. COVID-19 and rotating guitar players has slowed us down a little bit but our new guitar player, Michael Zepeda, is a keeper and we plan to go far with him. We have played at Summerfest on the Miller Stage and hope to again this year. We are about to release our new album this summer, “Hippie Girl” which is all stuff I have written in the last four years.

You can head to their website here or Facebook page here

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