Racine & Me: Racine educational assistant publishes children's book

Racine & Me: Racine educational assistant publishes children’s book

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- An educational assistant in Racine has published a children's book.

Amber Nurmi works as an educational assistant for literary support with the Racine Unified School District. Amber is also an Army veteran and single mom.

She got her inspiration for writing the book titled 'I'm Funny' from her daughter, Delilah.

Nurmi uses writing an as escape and has done so since high school. She was encouraged by a great friend to turn her writing into a book. She started with a children’s book. The book has activities in the back with hopes it helps promote family bonding and the use of a child’s imagination. Nurmi aspires to keep publishing books that will be for children and teenagers. She would like to make a positive impact on as many children as she can with my books and in her Educational Career.

To learn more or buy the book, click here.

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