Racine & Me: Socially Suspect performs

Racine & Me: Socially Suspect performs

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The band, Socially Suspect, started in early 2022 when Tyler reached out to Don about starting a new group, jamming on unplugged instruments for a few weeks until Jonathon was brought into the fold.

After playing an open mic as a three-piece in August 2022, Tera expressed interest in joining and has been in the band ever since.

Tyler, Jonathon, and Tera are Racine natives—living within a few blocks of each other at the time. Jonathon and Tera were childhood friends, and Tyler met them in early high school.

Different combinations of the four band members have played together in other groups throughout the years, but none of those bands ever made much progress.

Socially Suspect’s debut single, entitled “6 to 2,” was released on all streaming platforms on February 17, and has been met with positive reception.

Upcoming shows:

Saturday, April 29 at Circle-A Cafe (Milwaukee) with LoBi

Friday, May 5 at Bremen Cafe (Milwaukee) with Half Moon Hideaway and Handmade Wolves

Saturday, May 6 at The Rigby Pub (Madison) with Man Random, Jonathon Millionaire, and VomBom

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