Racine & Me: Whitney Rose performs in Music Mashup

Racine & Me: Whitney Rose performs in Music Mashup

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- Whitney Rose joined us in studio for Racine and Me's first Music Mashup. 

She is a singer/songwriter in Hartford who is currently producing her first album in a home studio.

Rose released the following statement about herself as an artist. 

"After a 10-year hiatus of not playing music, I have found my way back to my first love of playing and writing music. I have been on a journey of healing and have used my music as a way to make peace with my humanity. The songs I write, I try to keep simple. I want my children to be able to hear them and use them as tools along their own journeys. I just recently released my first single, It’s Ok to all streaming platforms. I wrote every piece in the song, and played every instrument: Guitar, vocals, harmonies and cello. I have been filling up my schedule with local gigs in an effort to build my life around music. In addition to playing clubs and other venues, I am also playing a few philanthropic events as well. I think it’s important to serve humanity through our gifts, however that may look. I have also been lucky enough to secure two slots at Summerfest! I will be opening the Ground Floor Stage Thursday June 22nd at noon, and I will playing the Second Floor Local Artist Stage Thursday June 29th at 1pm. You can find me on all social media platforms. You can reach all of those through www.withkoji.com/@whitneyrose as well as see all of my latest show dates and song releases. I am slowly releasing a 10-song album. I am collaborating with incredible local artists for album art. My dream is to build a family of creative human beings who lift each other up in support, both in encouragement, but also through the reciprocity of energetic exchange." 

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