Recapping the records from this week and a look ahead at continued warmth

It's been a wild week of weather in southeast Wisconsin with the first two February tornadoes on record and record warmth. High temperature records were broken by several degrees both Thursday and Friday, and we set a new record warm low on Friday. We tied the record warm low on Thursday.

Milwaukee continues to experience its warmest winter to date by nearly two degrees. That's thanks in part to 64 days above freezing since December 1st and the unprecedented warmth we've had at night.

We've already had 35 nights above freezing (record for winter by 8 days and counting), and we're running nearly 10 degrees above normal at night. Each winter month has had well above normal nighttime temps.

While temps won't be pushing 50 degrees this week, we'll still be well above normal. As of today, Milwaukee's average high temperature has warmed back above freezing. We'll still be in the upper 30s to low 40s for most of the upcoming week. Monday looks to be the warmest day of the week with temps warming well into the mid 40s.

A few shots of colder air try to move in next weekend into the following week, but as of right now it only looks to drop highs into the low 30s. Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather App to see if there's any precipitation on the way this week. 

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