Evening Update: Strong storms remains possible, but the overall risk is low.

Evening Update: Strong storms remains possible, but the overall risk is low.

Thankfully, the storms have weakened across southeastern Wisconsin.  The greatest ingredients for severe weather remain across northern Illinois.  Most of the storms that moved through produced hail and gusty winds.  

While an isolated strong to severe storm remains possible for Kenosha County, the threat will be over in an hour or so when the front moves through.  


We no longer have any active warnings in place as of 5:30pm. That said, still some strong storms ongoing. Here's a look at Ready Doppler:

You can expect lots of lightning and pea size hail along with downpours and gusty winds. There is still the potential for storms to spike this evening and we will continue to monitor the radar closely in the coming hours.

Here's the latest on alerts across the area: 

There are no Tornado Warnings at this time. However, storms are still at severe limits with the main concern being large hail as of now. The Severe Thunderstorm Warning runs until 5:15pm. And there is still potential for all modes of severe weather so stick with CBS58 for continuous updates. 

4:00 PM Update:

Severe thunderstorm warning continues for Walworth County until 4:30. This storm continues to rotate and needs to be watched closely.  This storm has the history of producing many funnel clouds and large hail.

This storm is near the warm front, and that's where the shear is maximized.


2:00 PM Update:

We are watching the border of IL/WI very closely this afternoon.  A warm front is sitting very close to the border.  Temperatures south of the front are in the 70s.  North of the front temperatures are in the 40s and 50s.

Any storms that can get near or around the warm front could become strong to severe.  All modes of severe weather are possible; however, it will be highly conditional. 


Morning sunshine gives way to more clouds this afternoon, along with a lake breeze. Those two factors may limit how strong storms get for southeast Wisconsin. That said, we have our first severe thunderstorm warning with a cell moving out of Iowa and into northern Illinois. Take a look:

  The cell of concern is swiftly moving northeast at 45 mph. You can see other activity as well to our west, mostly lined up in the vicinity of a cold front. While that boundary is helping to trigger some storms, the warm front that is just creeping up over the border from IL has impact to severe potential as well. South of that front temps may warm into the 70s and they have sun shining so that is lending to extra instability and likely has the best chance for any rotating storms. That type of set up probably stays just outside of our area, but it will be a close call so we continue to monitor storms closely this afternoon. Best arrival time for storm in Milwaukee will be after the evening commute.

After a mostly sunny weekend the storm chance is going to ramp up throughout the day on Monday. Monday morning started off with a great sunrise but by the lunchtime the clouds will increase and the shower and storm chance will roll back in during the afternoon and evening. The best timing for rain will run from 3 PM Monday through Tuesday morning.

With scattered showers and storms likely throughout most of the evening and overnight hours, our rain totals will be fairly soaking. Over a half inch of rainfall will be expected for most of southeast Wisconsin with most up to 0.75" but isolated locations could see a full inch of rain in thunderstorms.

Any storms that form could be on the stronger or even borderline severe side with some hail and gusty wind the main threats. Some of our counties, shaded in green in the image below, are under the Level 1 Marginal Risk. 

The threat for strong storms will also be dependent on how far north a warm front gets on Monday. Southern counties that see the warm front pass through could get into the 60s to around 70 for highs. Northern counties will stay cooler with highs likely staying in the 50s and maybe even falling short of 50. Milwaukee most likely ends up in the upper 50s to around 60 for afternoon highs Monday.

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