Second Timothy Olson death investigation: Woman found dead in Olson's bed, per law enforcement source

NOW: Second Timothy Olson death investigation: Woman found dead in Olson’s bed, per law enforcement source

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A law enforcement source confirmed to CBS 58 that Timothy Olson's mother found a woman dead in Olson's bed Nov. 8, in her home where Olson also lived. 

The law enforcement source also confirmed Olson then took the dead woman's car and drove it to northern Illinois where he abandoned it Nov. 9.

Olson is in custody in Milwaukee County and is facing several charges for several alleged incidents. He is also a person of interest in a death investigation in South Milwaukee.

The new information about another death investigation was revealed by an assistant district attorney in Milwaukee County Sunday when Olson appeared remotely for a bond hearing in another case.

As Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Erin Karshen went through his criminal history, she told the court, "November 8, 2022, he is under suspicion in Racine for a death investigation, again involving a crime against a woman."

Monday we confirmed new information not shared by Racine police at the time or since: Olson's mother found a woman dead in his bed Nov. 8. He then took that woman's car and drove to northern Illinois, ditching it the next day.

For weeks, the Racine Police Department had warned the public about Timothy Olson, but the department never shared just how dangerous Olson may have been. Racine police never said there was a first death, and never said Olson was under suspicion for it.

When asked about the death investigation Monday, a public information officer said only that it "remains an active investigation and the Racine Police Department does not have anything additional to share at this time."

Two weeks after the Racine death, Kim Mikulance -also known as Raina Reighns- fell unconscious while with Olson in a South Milwaukee bar. Mikulance died a few days later.

The woman who died Nov. 8 has not been identified.

Messages and calls to Racine police Monday went unanswered.

We also went to Olson's mother's home, but no one answered the door after several attempts.

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