Spies get their hangout back on June 9 as Milwaukee's 'SafeHouse' reopens

NOW: Spies get their hangout back on June 9 as Milwaukee’s ’SafeHouse’ reopens

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After over a year closed due to the pandemic, a new mission will begin for SafeHouse on June 9 as it officially reopens to spies everywhere.

Control has initiated Operation Reopen as the Milwaukee icon reemerges as the place of refuge for spies who want to quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger. After finding the red door down Front Street alley near the river, spies will need to provide Agent Moneypenny with the secret password (do you still remember it?!) to be granted immediate access to SafeHouse. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the password, you will be asked to complete a clearance test to prove you’re a safe spy, granting you entrance to SafeHouse.

Once inside, spies and junior spies can investigate authentic espionage artifacts, like Austin Powers’ spy guitar, a piece of the Berlin Wall, and a machine gun from John Wayne. You can even experience the best shaken drink in all of Milwaukee, which is shaken as it travels throughout SafeHouse, or order from the longest running magic bar in the world. There are plenty of other tricks and secrets throughout SafeHouse to explore.

For spies looking to stay undercover, visit the neighborhood bar, The Newsroom Pub, actually yopened June 7 for some of the best refreshments, sandwiches, salads and entrees, including weekend brunch. Guests can also see a collection of autographs and memorabilia dating all the way back to 1885, including every President’s signature displayed for all to see.

Since 1966, this Milwaukee icon has offered refuge to all spies, international and national, as a secure hideout during their food and drink missions. The folks there are excited to once again invite all spies back to explore and discover the spy secrets it holds.” The SafeHouse address is 779 N. Front Street.

Newsroom Pub Reopened too!...

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