Student athlete surpasses Steve Novak's scoring record at Brown Deer High School

NOW: Student athlete surpasses Steve Novak’s scoring record at Brown Deer High School

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One student athlete never thought she'd meet the Brown Deer High School graduate whose record she was trying to beat -- Steve Novak. 

Novak eventually left Brown Deer High School to play at Marquette and in the NBA. Their impromptu meeting came at an incredible time.

We met Ameerah Grant Monday afternoon as her team was practicing for a playoff game that's coming up later this week. We found Grant to be fast on her feet and committed.

"We get to the gym by 5 a.m. and she puts about 400 shots up before she go to school," said KnowLedge Grant, Ameerah's dad.

But a moment off the court is one Grant and her family won't soon forget.

"Yeah, my first time, and he's super tall, super tall," said Grant.

The two met at a Bucks game. The tickets, a gift from Grant's grandfather months ago. He let her pick from three choices, and she opted for the Nuggets game. Who would know that just days before it, Grant would beat a record held by Novak at her school for 22 years?

"And we were just walking around looking for some food and we happened to run into Steve Novak," said Grant.

Maybe why Novak was so easy for Grant to spot is because she's been looking at his face on her gymnasium wall for her entire high school career.

"She was excited, I was excited. I was like that is super random," said KnowLedge Grant.

Novak's held the record at Brown Deer for most career points, but during this game, right here, number 12 on the Lady Falcons' basketball team set a new record for Brown Deer.

"Yes, I just beat Steve Novak's all-time score record of 1,740 points," said Grant.

The school's standing behind Grant, saying this high school junior "has time to smash Steve Novak's 1,740-point record further."

"I'm thinking about 2,500 maybe, 2,500, that's the goal," said Grant.

Steve Novak has inspired students here for years, and this wall honoring him won't disappear. But now, moving forward, Ameerah Grant is the one to beat.

Even Novak seemed pleased with the random encounter, posting this: "The number one scorer in BDHS history…and me!"

"I am very proud. Extremely proud, cause she's been working since she's been little," said KnowLedge Grant.

Grant's been playing basketball since she was three.

"My main goal is to go to the WNBA, so play professionally," said Grant.

"When you set a goal, it allows for you not to be distracted as much because you know where your head is. So set a goal. Focus on it and work hard to earn it," said KnowLedge Grant.

The Lady Falcons finished their season 16 and 8. They take on Dominican this Friday in the playoffs.

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