'There's hope': Thousands raise money, walk to help End Alzheimer's

’There’s hope’: Thousands raise money, walk to help End Alzheimer’s

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- More than 6-million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer's. According to Alzheimer's Association, that number is expected to rise to nearly 13 million by 2050.

Those statistics make the efforts of the Milwaukee County Walk to End Alzheimer's event all the more important.

"These people are committed because they know how important this is," said Gaurie Rodman, co-chair of the event. "They're dedicated, and that dedication is what they do every day as caregivers and living with family members with this disease."

Celebrating the event's 30th year, over two-thousand participants raised over $600k, walking along Milwaukee's lakefront dressed in purple to honor those lost, those fighting, and those caring for someone with the disease.

It's a special cause for those who have family members impacted by Alzheimer's. People like Demetrius Davis.

"We're walking for my grandfather, Jack," Davis explained, standing next to his children. "Just seeing all this support and all these amazing people out here. A lot of people are affected by it; whether you're four years old, 84-years-old. There is some hope that we can find a cure and a cause for it and so that's what we're going to do."

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration approved Leqembi as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. It is the second of a new category of medications that target the fundamental pathophysiology of the disease. According to the FDA website, it's an important advancement in the ongoing fight to effectively treat Alzheimer's.

Providing people like Rodman with a positive outlook for the future.

"There's hope," Rodman said. "Really good hope coming and it's all of the work being done today."

Work Davis and his family look forward to continuing to be a part of.

"I'll be here every year," Davis said. "As long as I'm here, I'll be here."

Donations are still being accepted to help reach the overall goal of $900k. You can send them here.

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