'They have to tell us something': Milwaukee father dies in police custody

NOW: ’They have to tell us something’: Milwaukee father dies in police custody

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- A Milwaukee father, identified as 20-year-old Keishon Thomas, died in police custody Wednesday night, Feb. 23. His family is left frustrated and confused.

"What, y'all got my son, my son was deceased, not my son," Markeisha Evans said. She is Thomas' mother. 

Around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, police pulled Thomas over near 22nd and Capitol for a traffic violation. Police say he had a warrant for his arrest. Thomas was taken to the District 5 police station. There were multiple cell checks. Just before 6 p.m. police noticed he needed medical attention. Life saving measures were administered, but were unsuccessful. Thomas died. 

"From what? My son was healthy, my son was fine," Evans said. 

Evans says her heart is shattered and nothing seems to be adding up.

"What's going on? You guys are hiding something," said Evans. 

"He was fine when he walked in there, but he didn't make it out because of medical issues, and he never had any medical issues," Myangel Thomas said. 

Family says Thomas was all about his family and friends. He was a man of character and heart. 

"He wanted to do better in life and he was doing just that, he was happy and they took that away from him," Evans said. 

"He liked everybody, he wanted to be with everybody, make everybody happy," Yasmine Thomas said. She is Thomas' sister. 

Thomas has a 7-month-old son and a 5-month-old daughter. 

"He really loved my son, he loved him so much," Lavender Cocroft said. 

"He treated her like he treated me, he gave her the world, there's not even words to describe it, it was so unconditional," Myangel Thomas said. She also shares a child with Thomas. 

Evans says their closure is put on hold until they know what happened to Thomas.

"They have to give me answers, they have to tell me something."

Three officers have been placed on administrative leave. The Waukesha Police Department is leading the investigation. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Keishon for memorial service donations and can be found here.

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