'To go from there to here is incredible': New McBob's owners share long journey to a new chapter

NOW: ’To go from there to here is incredible’: New McBob’s owners share long journey to a new chapter

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – One of Milwaukee's favorite long-running Irish pubs is now under new ownership.

Katy Klinnert and Sara McConville are taking over McBob's Pub & Grill on North Avenue in Milwaukee, as one of the founders, Christine McRoberts, eyes retirement.

"They absolutely want us to take care of their baby, to make it grow, and be amazing, and continue on the legacy," McConville said.

"We're just really trying to thank the community for welcoming us in," Klinnert said.

While the transition is exciting, it wasn't an easy journey.

CBS 58 first interviewed Klinnert in the summer of 2022, when the Common Cookhouse in Oak Creek caught fire.

The fire the shared kitchen, including her and McConville's personal chef business.

"After the fire, we were displaced for a while, we landed in two different temporary locations," Klinnert explained.

Then, they rented the kitchen at a former place owned by McRoberts and became friends.

"They were looking to sell, and we decided we'd love this opportunity," McConville explained.

"To go from there to here is incredible," Klinnert said.

With a beloved bar over 30 years old, Klinnert and McConville have big shoes to fill.

"I think this is one of the most inclusive places in the entire city of Milwaukee, and we want to keep it that way," Klinnert said.

They're working with McRoberts to make sure it's a smooth transition.

"We're not changing the corn beef. Everybody needs to know; we're not changing the corn beef!" McConville said.

Friday was the McBob's Customer Appreciation Party, introducing the new owners to the loyal customers.

"The spirit is the people," Klinnert said. "The spirit is not us, the spirit is our guests, and they're here."

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