UWM Panthers tip off new era

NOW: UWM Panthers tip off new era

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Panthers fell way short of last year's sky-high expectations at 10-22.

But with Patrick Baldwin Junior in the NBA, and senior as an assistant in Georgetown, it's a new era. Thirteen new players and a new coaching staff, but one lesson remains.

"To have a professional approach to this game, because if not, you'll get embarrassed every night, and that's what happened to us last year," said Markeith Browning II, Panthers guard.

With so many new faces, the top priority is building chemistry. They've tried to accomplish that through impromptu football games and Coach Bart Lundy's never-ending dad jokes.

"Why didn't the skeleton go trick or treating? Because he had no body to go with," said Coach Lundy.

"The better we understand each other, the better we blend on the court, so yeah, just trying to do activities off the court. All that little stuff counts," said Browning.

"When I'm at a place, that's my family, and these guys are my family now. That's going to be incredibly important not only now, but when we are playing in March," said Angelo Stuart, Panthers guard.

Despite the emphasis on team building, the Panthers might struggle out of the gates. After all, 77% of their roster is new to Milwaukee. But college basketball teams aren't defined by what they do in November, and they know it.

"We have another philosophy, that we want to be our absolute best in March," said Coach Lundy.

The Panthers tip off the season Nov. 7 against MSOE.

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