Warmth returns with more shower and storm chances

NOW: Warmth returns with more shower and storm chances

The weekend was a bit up and down. Saturday hit 80 degrees and was the warmest day of the year. Most of the day was dry before strong storms arrived in the evening. Sunday saw highs in the low 60s during the early morning hours and then dropped into the 50s by the afternoon. Light showers lingered throughout the day.

Hitting the first 80 of the season on Saturday was also the exact average date for our first 80 degree day. Now we look ahead to the 90s which don't usually happen until June.

Temperatures this week are warming back up. 70s return on Monday then the rest of the week stays warm in the upper 60s and low 70s.

We saw a brief area of steady rain Monday morning but the rest of the day the rain chance looks pretty isolated with a few more showers through the late afternoon then drying out this evening. Tuesday looks all dry but Wednesday could see some showers or storms but timing is uncertain.

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