Waukesha 'Rainbowland' teacher to hold school board hearing following district's termination recommendation

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Melissa Tempel, the teacher at the heart of the "Rainbowland" song ban controversy, said she is planning to proceed with a hearing in front of the school board after the Waukesha School District superintendent's attempts to fire her.

Tempel confirmed to CBS 58 that her legal counsel informed District Superintendent Dr. James Sebert of her decision on Friday, May 26 -- the deadline given by officials on whether or not she would pursue a hearing in front of the school board, after which board members would vote on her termination.

This, after being placed on administrative leave for more than a month for expressing her disagreement with the school's decision to ban the Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton duet "Rainbowland" from the spring concert set list.

Last week, Tempel received paperwork from the superintendent, notifying her he was planning on moving forward with his recommendation to let her go.

Tempel sent CBS 58 this statement, reading in full:

"I have decided to proceed with a Board hearing. I feel really strongly that this is an attack on my First Amendment rights and I am certain it is going to deter other educators from exercising their own rights."

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