'We'll need all hands on deck': Hometown bars gearing up for Brewers' postseason run

NOW: ’We’ll need all hands on deck’: Hometown bars gearing up for Brewers’ postseason run

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As the National League Central Champion Milwaukee Brewers gear up for the team's fifth postseason run in six seasons, hometown establishments are gearing up for what they hope will be a busy month of October.

"Beyond pumped," said Anthony Luchini, owner of Kelly's Bleachers on Bluemound Rd. in Milwaukee. "You never plan to have it as a business owner. As a fan, I think they're winning the World Series every year, but as a business owner, it just adds a significant amount of business."

Luchini said he anticipates every sports bar owner in the city has a smile on their face because of the Brewers' success; he also admits it's about to be very busy.

"There's no other events like a Brewers playoff event here," Luchini said, ranging from cheering fans watching the game at his establishment, or taking a shuttle to American Family Field. "You got to call up a lot of staff members. Probably need about 20, 25 people on one day as opposed to a normal 10 to 15. All the stock, you have to order so much more food; pretty much just quadruple everything."

Across town in the Walker's Point neighborhood, Ryan Steny is busy getting his staff at Steny's Tavern and Grill ready for what they hope will be a successful postseason.

"Sports is such a huge part of our business and the biggest part is if they (teams) do good or bad," Steny said. "When they're doing good, we're bringing more people to the games, more people are coming in to watch the games. When they're not as good, we're not as busy."

Steny is expecting to be very busy starting next week.

"We'll need all hands on deck. We normally do two shuttles at every game, running continuously two busses; we're going to add a third bus (for playoffs)," Steny said. "In the past for these games, we would take two to three to 400 people just on the shuttles for the game, then it would empty out for that, then we'd get super busy for the game, watching it on TV."

VISIT Milwaukee estimates each home postseason game brings in roughly $3 million in economic impact for the city, a homefield advantage for everyone involved.

"It's good for them (Brewers), it's great for me, it's great for the city, it's great for everyone," Steny said.

"The cheering, the yelling, the home runs, hopefully no losses," added Luchini. "People are excited to be a part of something as one."

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