'You're worth it': Domestic violence survivors speak out after recent homicides in Milwaukee

’You’re worth it’: Domestic violence survivors speak out after recent homicides in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Sojourner Family Peace Center raised an alarm Friday about domestic violence in our community.

It came after several deaths in Milwaukee related to domestic violence since the month began.

In response, advocates are sharing the importance of community resources, and our personal obligation to help those around us.

"I was living at the shelter here at Sojourner 2017, my daughter and I, and it has been one day at a time," said Natalie Hayden, a domestic violence survivor.

Hayden is an advocate, sharing her story to guide people towards help and healing.

She joined other survivors at Sojourner Friday to address a concerning trend.

In the last nine days, there have been four homicides and one attempted homicide related to domestic violence in Milwaukee.

"We deserve to be safe as a community, and we have a responsibility to work together with everyone to do what we can to prevent this from happening again," said Carmen Pitre, president and CEO of Sojourner Family Peace Center.

There are many accessible resources for those experiencing domestic violence.

Hayden hopes her voice can inspire others to seek help.

"You're worth it. Oftentimes we don't know that we're worth it," she said. "It took me believing myself, trusting myself over what the other person, or what someone else might think or believe about me."

She reminds that it takes all of us to end domestic violence and support survivors.

"Everyone has a role to play. Everyone has a lane that helps in this process," Hayden said.

Sojourner's website has a list of ways to help others: Help for others — Sojourner (familypeacecenter.org)

Here is a list of resources in Milwaukee for those experiencing domestic violence:

The city of Milwaukee's website also provides a list of resources: Resources for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (milwaukee.gov)

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