Big crowds come out to see U.S. play their last game in the 2022 World Cup

NOW: Big crowds come out to see U.S. play their last game in the 2022 World Cup


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The U.S. team's chance at the World Cup came to an end this morning against the Netherlands.

At Nomad World Pub, as the game winded down, there were a lot of fans who came out early in the morning to catch the game.

"We were the first people in line here this morning at 6:30 at Nomad," said soccer fan Rick Galzerano. "It's great to see all the people come out from beginning to end you know, it's great to see this place really fill up, they're turning people away."

As people filled in, some from the nearby Santa Rampage, the crowd got more and more excited for the U.S. game against the Netherlands.

While the U.S. did get a goal in near the end, Netherlands eventually won 3-to-1.

"To see a third [Netherlands goal go in, you know you had hoped but it was really hard to, you know, see us going through two to one with 10 minutes left," said Galzerano.

"We had our hopes up. They were super high, and we were a little letdown at the end there, but we had a lot of a lot of fun along the way," said soccer fan Claire Aither.

She says she comes with friends to watch soccer often and is just glad everyone had a good time.

"There's always a lot of good people here at Nomad but it's a lot of fun and we really enjoy getting to like celebrate together. I think it's hard to find soccer fans sometimes in the US but everybody comes together here," said Aither.

Now, fans are looking forward to soccer potentially being more mainstream in the future -- as the next World Cup is planned to take place in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

"I'm really really really excited to see what can happen when we really can get behind the team and have you know the support here," said Galzerano.

The next men's World Cup will be held in 2026

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