Brew Crew fans keep up annual Home Opener traditions at local sports bars

NOW: Brew Crew fans keep up annual Home Opener traditions at local sports bars

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Opening Day also means big business at local sports bars. 

CBS 58 heard so many great stories Monday about people who come to Saz's State House bar and restaurant for Opening Day and make it a tradition for many years. 

A group of four men said they've been coming to Saz's to pregame since the 1970s. 

Tom Rogina said his love for the Brewers led to lifelong friendships with three others.

"So, one day, dad gave me four tickets, in 1972, and we started going to the Brewers games together and we haven't stopped yet," Rogina said. "We've been through the snow, we've been through the rain, we've been through the change of the stadiums."

The four friends have truly been through it all together and they say the score is the least of it. It's the company and the good times that matter the most. 

Saz's Owner Steve Sazama said he's a big baseball fan and loves seeing so many come back after so many years, and most recently, since the pandemic.

"It's really nice, people are starting to come back out again, our day-to-day business, and today we've noticed it also," Sazama said. "Opening Day we've had probably five or six groups that have been here for over 35, 40 years."

He added that the support for his local business has just been amazing and community events like this one make it all worthwhile.

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