CBS 58 Hometowns: Belgium and Cedar Grove

CBS 58 Hometowns: Belgium and Cedar Grove

BELGIUM, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The CBS 58 Hometowns tour is heading to the northern portion of the viewing area to explore a collective area with ties so tight that they even share schools: Belgium and Cedar Grove.

Where can a visitor find the best factory-fresh string cheese around, arguably in the state? What are this community's unique ties to the nation of Luxembourg? Is there a hidden gem of a beach less than an hour drive out of Milwaukee that should be explored? Where is one of Cedar Grove's favorite eateries, one with a legacy that dates back to the 1950s?

To kick off the week, we were offered an introductory guide of what to expect from Tara Williams, executive director for the Belgium Area Chamber of Commerce who joined us on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Meantime, Belgium's Luxembourg Cafe is considered by many to be a must-visit destination for coffee aficionados and dessert lovers alike. It's also the epitome of a great local hangout spot. CBS 58's Michael Schlesinger had the pleasure of spending lunch hour at this popular establishment.

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