Crime Stoppers: Suspects caught on camera burglarizing Maynard Steel Casting Co.

Crime Stoppers: Suspects caught on camera burglarizing Maynard Steel Casting Co.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two young men broke into a Milwaukee business and tried to steal whatever they could find. In the end, they caused thousands of dollars in damage, and it was all caught on video. 

"They ultimately found a vehicle which they rammed into a fence," said Milwaukee Police Department Detective Tony Castro. 

The incident happened on May 27, at the Maynard Steel Casting Company -- located at 2856 South 27th Street.

"These two individuals got onto the property fairly easily and they walked around for quite a bit of time but there were cameras mounted all along the interior of the foundry," Det. Castro said. 

Cameras captured the suspects from several angles; from rummaging through the offices to inside the warehouse where they set off a fire extinguisher. At one point, one of the suspects is seen taking his mask off and taking a drink. 

Even with a close look, Milwaukee Police Department Detective Tony Castro says they can't identify them and need your help. 

"I don't think they would have been able to identify a specialized cut tool if it was staring them in the face. However, if was a closed foundry business and they could have ended up hurting themselves or killing themselves in the process not knowing what they were getting into," said Det. Castro. 

Video of their escape shows them nearly hitting a man on the way out before they busted through a gate in the stolen vehicle. Officials say they traveled south on 27th Street for a joyride around the city. 

"In the process of leaving they ended up doing $25,000 worth of damage," Castro said. 

Det. Castro said there's nothing funny about burglary, trespassing, destroying property or any of the crime that's on the rise -- ultimately causing damage to the city.

"Then the city goes, 'Why are businesses leaving?' That's one of the things that end up happening is the businesses would rather set up shot outside Milwaukee County for the sheer lack of criminality that tends to occur for companies that stay in the city. We don't want to punish people for staying in the city. We want to be able to keep those businesses in the city," Castro said. 

After all that, Castro says the suspects ditched the damaged truck on the south side which detectives found days later. 

"There's no doubt someone would see the video and see this report and be able to recognize them. It's probably not one of their first incidents and won't be their last," said Castro. 

If you recognize either of these suspects or know anything about this burglary at Maynard Steel, call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS. You can also leave a tip through text, just download the P3 Tips app. Whether you send a message or call, it's always anonymous. If your tip leads to an arrest, you get cash. 

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