Former, current president not present in Wisconsin ahead of critical election

NOW: Former, current president not present in Wisconsin ahead of critical election

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With voting under 48 hours away, and the nation's eyes on many races in Wisconsin, you may be surprised to not see any big names like former President Trump or President Biden trying to tip the scales here locally.

Candidates are continuing to launch last-minute canvassing operations and shake as many hands as possible, but these candidates are not getting major help from the biggest names in politics.

"Any national figure like that brings good and bad, and is controversial in one way or another," said Brian Reisinger, Former GOP Strategist for Scott Walker.

He says that may be why former President Trump isn't scheduled to visit today or tomorrow.

"President Trump certainly has very strong supporters and very strong detractors, he has the ability to help with the republican base," said Reisinger.

He says it could hurt with urban or swing voters, however.

"He also will draw out the other side that gets very upset about him," said Reisinger.

President Biden also isn't scheduled to visit, as his administration faces criticism over high inflation and an approval rating below 50% since August.

The Biden administration wasn't completely unrepresented in southeast Wisconsin Sunday, however.

"I'm here in my personal capacity as just Deb Haaland, some people call me auntie out there," said Secretary of The Interior Deb Haaland.

She spoke alongside Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Sara Rodriguez, Wisconsin 13th District.

Her message, getting people to act canvassing and talk to their friends about voting.

"Because it's all going to be about turnout, it's all about turnout, these races are close everyone, they're very, very close," said Haaland.

Reisinger says whether it's Obama's visit last week, or Trump's visit to the region last summer, at this point, it likely won't make a huge difference in how people will vote.

"Anyone figure probably won't determine the outcome of the election be it President Obama, President Trump, anybody," said Reisinger.

According to data, former President Trump had a similar approval rating to Biden's current approval rating at this point in his presidential term.

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