'Let's hope we win more than the Cubs': Brewers fans react to Craig Counsell's departure

NOW: ’Let’s hope we win more than the Cubs’: Brewers fans react to Craig Counsell’s departure

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Word spread fast that longtime Brewers manager Craig Counsell won't be here next season. That he's going to Chicago, for some, felt like an intentional spite on Brewers management. 

We spent the day hearing fans sound off, some blaming the front office for Craig Counsell's departure, saying they should've paid Counsell what he's worth.

"And this is a pattern of Mark Attanasio, of not paying people," said Jon Stempkowski, Brewers fan. 

Less than a week after his contract with the Brewers expired, the announcement of a new chapter for Craig Counsell. A $40 million, five-year contract with the Chicago Cubs. 

"So, I don't think that you just willingly give somebody up like that, that has such a knowledge for the game," said Stempkowski.

That the nine-season Brewers manager's taking all that knowledge to Milwaukee's archrival isn't sitting well. 

"It's money, you know, it is a business. Do I want him going to the Cubs? No. Does that anger people? Absolutely. Let's hope we win more than the Cubs do next year," said Anthony Luchini, Kelly's Bleachers co-owner. 

It was such a talker all day, sports talk radio 93.7 The Game had wall-to-wall coverage. 

"Rolling along, the Monday edition, Drew and KB, shockingly, the Packers victory over the Rams yesterday's been overshadowed by another story in sports -- Craig Counsell's departure from the Brewers dugout to go to Wrigley Field," said Drew Olson of The Drew & KB Show on 97.3 The Game. 

"And it's unfortunate, but he kind of had to do it and the fact that it's the Cubs is kind of funny," said C.J., a Brewers fan from Greendale. 

"I would've been more upset if he would've went to New York, because the narrative of the story. I really do believe he's a family guy. He loves the area," said Joe, Brewers fan from Medford, Wisconsin. 

Fans bounced from accepting Counsell's choice to follow the money to expressing disappointment that he'd take a job that belonged to someone else. In the same news release, the Cubs announced they're letting go of their manager, David Ross, and hiring Counsell.

"Craig took that job away from a guy who hadn't left it yet. Usually, managers won't interview for a job until they know it's open, out of respect to the guy in the chair. It's like an unwritten rule that was breached in this situation," said Olson. 

Outside an empty stadium and an empty front office there are a lot of options being looked at to fill it. 

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