Neighbors describe night of second death linked to Timothy Olson, Racine police decline to comment

NOW: Neighbors describe night of second death linked to Timothy Olson, Racine police decline to comment

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Timothy Olson's neighbors in Racine are sharing more about the night a woman was found dead in his bed in his mother's home.

That death is now the second linked to Olson, who remains in the Milwaukee County Jail for a host of charges.

Neighbors described a major emergency response that lasted for hours the night of Nov. 8 at Olson's mother's house in Racine.

Racine police are still not speaking about that death, but a law enforcement source confirmed Olson's mother found a woman dead in his bed.

A Racine/South Shore Fire dispatcher radioed that night: "Med 3 respond to [REDACTED] for a female not breathing. They're refusing to do CPR. Med 2 will be en route, as well."

Emergency crews were sent to the house a little after 10:30 p.m. that night for a "female PNB": pulseless, not breathing.

A Racine County sheriff dispatcher also radioed: "If you could head to the [REDACTED] address in the city to see what we got."

Neighbor Yolanda Robles de la Rosa saw paramedics take a body from the home and put it in an emergency vehicle. She told us in Spanish, "I was watching TV like usual in my living room when I saw ambulances arrive and four paramedics got off and they entered the house. I thought that it was for the older woman who lives there, and she had a medical emergency."

Police stayed for hours. The neighborhood was still flooded with officers when Yolanda's daughter Juliana got home later that night. Juliana said, "They were almost blocking my driveway, they barely left me any room. People were in and out of the house until the following day around 1:30, when most of the police officers left."

Even then, undercover officers remained. Juliana says the Olson house was under constant surveillance. She told our crews the Olsons moved into the home in late July or August of this year, and it was usually very quiet.

News of the death came as a shock. Juliana said, "Oh my goodness. I did not know. I didn't even… there was no noise or anything from our side, at least that we could hear anything."

Members of the Racine Police Department would not speak about the death, citing an open investigation.

And the identity of the woman that died has not been released, which the Racine County Medical Examiner's Office says is required to request an incident report.

It's not clear yet if Timothy Olson was home when police responded to the death, so it's unclear if he was ever taken into custody or questioned.

Two weeks later, another woman died after falling unconscious while with Olson in South Milwaukee.

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