Optimistic buzz for EVs at 1st annual EV car show in Wauwatosa

NOW: Optimistic buzz for EVs at 1st annual EV car show in Wauwatosa

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- You could get thousands of dollars off your next vehicle if it's an electric vehicle thanks to new tax rebates in the Inflation Reduction Act recently signed into law.

The tax rebates could be up to $7,500 off certain new electric vehicles (EVs) or $4,000 off certain used vehicles.

Saturday, Aug. 20, dozens of EV owners met for the first annual Current Electric EV car show.

"It's been a real learning curve, I love it though it's very dynamic, the cameras. I don't know if I can go back to driving my truck because it doesn't have as many cameras," said new Tesla owner Lupe King.

Tesla owners, new and old, lined up with their cars at Current Electric in Wauwatosa Saturday morning.

Founder of Current Electric Chuck Smith owns a Tesla himself. He says EVs are becoming a bigger and bigger part of his business.

"We're getting a lot of charge stations putting into people's garages, people are getting prepared. We're increasing their electrical service to provide for two EV chargers because that's a lot of power going out of their home," said Smith.

He says he's planning to move all of his solar and electric install trucks to electric in the future like many other companies are as well.

"All of the car makers are just spending billions and billions of dollars changing already EVs," Smith saying it isn't just Tesla anymore.

"This is a transition vehicle for people to understand more and not be afraid of the changes," said car enthusiast Jerry Mehlhaff.

He brought a Ford F-150 Lightning show model from a friend's dealership, he says as a long time Ford fan, he thinks as bigger manufactures get their skin in the game with more familiar vehicles, more people might be willing to buy an EV.

"It's the big guys with big teams of experienced engineers and they've been doing it a long time," said Mehlhaff.

Smith says he gets the appeal of a V8, but thinks people could come around to EVs.

"It's also really nice to get in your tesla and just zoom off," said Smith.

Which is why he's hoping these new government incentives could help more people make the switch, which could mean more work for him.

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