President Biden to talk agriculture, infrastructure plan in Wisconsin Tuesday

NOW: President Biden to talk agriculture, infrastructure plan in Wisconsin Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --  The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation says dairy makes up about half of Wisconsin agriculture, and the industry needs help.

"We have some major challenges here in Wisconsin, here with the dairy industry over the last five-six years," WFBF Executive Director Kevin Krentz said.

Krentz said some Wisconsin dairy farmers had to dump out their milk this year because there was nobody to sell to, and others had to sell their farm. He hopes President Biden will reconsider raising corporate taxes in his infrastructure plan. He hopes the Biden administration can help farmers receive bigger profits off their products.

"During the pandemic, prices at the store have skyrocketed and gone up, yet those prices didn't necessarily transfer back to the farmgate," Krentz said.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Ben Wikler said Biden's infrastructure plan will help Wisconsin farmers.

"This is a visit intended to convey a message," Wikler said. "Which is that with President Biden's infrastructure plan, with his proposals, Democrats are showing that we have people's back."

Senator Ron Johnson, (R-WI) said the U.S. needs infrastructure funding, but the current plan is too expensive.

"Take the $700 billion plus of the "Covid relief package" that isn't even spent until 2022-2028, repurpose that money, and that should be more than enough."

The trip marks Biden's second to Wisconsin since becoming president. He visited Milwaukee in February for a CNN town hall.

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