Summerfest announces 2022 dates; festival will take place over 3 weekends again

NOW: Summerfest announces 2022 dates; festival will take place over 3 weekends again

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's the final weekend of Summerfest, and with it comes some news for the Big Gig in 2022. 

Summerfest 2022 will take place Thursday through Saturday over three weekends again, but it will move back to June and July. 

The official dates were announced Thursday, Sept 16. Summerfest 2022 will take place from noon to midnight, June 23-25, June 30-July 2 and July 7-9. 

In a statement to CBS 58 festival organizers said: 

“The reasons for the three-weekend format remain unchanged since we made a similar announcement in March 2020: increased interest from fans to attend on the weekends, a larger booking window for entertainment, and the opportunity to reset the festival park to provide the best possible live music experience.”

Some vendors and workers said the shift in schedule will make them more money.

"What that allows you to do is come in from all over the country and come in for a weekend, and take in some music," Cincinnati bartender Steven Hill said. "Maybe this lineup isn't so great. So you come next weekend. It's a nice way to travel and make some money too."

Some worry the change will prevent some out-of-state vendors from coming.

"Being that I travel all the way from Arizona, it's kind of difficult because it adds a lot of expense to my trip," eight more nights of hotel, or rental, being somewhere," Lost Highway Sign Company Owner Levi Koenen said. 

Most workers believe going back to a summer timeframe will attract more visitors.

"I think that'll improve things a lot," Hawaii Shave Ice seasonal employee Mike Bate said. "Being in September it kind of does lose that Summerfest vibe."

Some music lovers CBS 58 spoke to say they like the three-weekend format. 

“I like it. I think maybe they can do Sundays instead of Thursdays,” said Zach Eisendrath. “Thursdays seem to be a little less crowded during the day, but I love having the concerts during the week. I went to Dave Matthews on Wednesday.”

John Ogden is visiting Milwaukee from Iowa with family to see Dave Matthews Band and check out the city. Ogden said having a festival throughout multiple weekends is common with large festivals in other states too. 

“I think it’s a good idea if you can make it work. We’ve been to New Orleans Jazz Fest before, and they do that over a couple of weekends, so why not?” said Ogden. 

Everyone agreed that September weather is perfect for a festival, but some think September is a bad time. 

“I think they’ll get more people going [in July]. It seems like it hasn’t been as popular this year,” said Garrett Casey. “Because, you know, kids are in school now.”

The 2022 performances have yet to be announced. More information will be available in the coming months, according to the announcement.


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