Milwaukee County executive hits back at Trump's 'horrible city' comment with choice words

NOW: Milwaukee County executive hits back at Trump’s ’horrible city’ comment with choice words

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One week after Donald Trump referred to Milwaukee as a horrible city, local leaders say they won't let the comment be forgotten.

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley, along with State Representative Kalan Haywood and Patricia Ruiz-Cantu, spoke out against Trump's comment in a press conference.

"He’s going to think we’re even more horrible when we send his (expletive) back to Mar-a-Lago," said Crowley. 

It's been an ongoing argument between the GOP and Milwaukee's local leaders after the former president called Milwaukee a "horrible city" in a meeting with state lawmakers. 

“This is about accountability," said Crowley. 

Crowley's comments come just days after Trump held a rally in Racine. At the rally, Trump walked back his "horrible city" comment, going as far as to claim he picked Milwaukee as the host city for the Republican National Convention. It's a comment Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson said was false on CNN. 

“I think you had about 10 congressmen in a meeting that we had recently, where I said how much I like Milwaukee. They said, okay, man. They said that’s what he said," Trump told supporters at the rally. 

Crowley criticized the comments and the location of the rally.

"If he loves it so much, why isn’t he coming here?” said Crowley. 

Earlier this week, there were reports that Trump planned on staying in Chicago during the RNC. The Trump campaign has denied that report and stated the former president will be in Milwaukee to accept the Republican nomination. Crowley says he doesn't mind the attention Milwaukee has gotten since then. 

“We are getting some free publicity about Milwaukee, and quite frankly, the past two years, we’ve been having record-breaking numbers when it comes down to the visitors that have been coming here," said Crowley. 

He says the comments are only a reflection of the GOP.

“The only regret that I have is that there not being enough Republican nominees to take Donald Trump out," said Crowley. 

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